Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas is Upon Us!

Last week was a busy one at Highstrung Beads. We received a great Trunk Show which will run through the 29th of December; so come shopping after Christmas for some beautiful beads!

We also had the two day OPEN HOUSE with snacks, jewelry sales, and of course the new trunk show. There were six ladies selling their jewelry and other items, each one did different styles so there was lots to choose from. It was so much fun we may try it again around Mother's Day, it gives those non-beaders a chance to get one of the designer items and meet the artist.

I am now winding down from the holiday rush and looking forward to my own short vacation with family and good food.

The shop will be open through Friday, December 23rd and will re-open on Tuesday, December 27th. Gift cards are available for last minute gifts. We will also be closed Saturday, December 31st. Reopening the first Tuesday of the New Year!

Wishing all of you a Very Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Trunk Show sample

Finally figured out how to do this. They keep changing stuff and nothing works like it did before! Seems to happen everywhere on the net.

Anyway, I have a short video of the trunk show. It doesn't show everything but it's a sample after all.

Just copy and paste this into your search bar.

Hope everyone can come in and see it, shop it and have fun at the Open House.


Friday, December 2, 2011


Has everyone finished their Holiday gifts? I sure haven't. I wish I had more time to work on my projects. We've had several Trunk Shows this fall with a variety of beads and other items that went well.

Now it is just time to plan for our open house at the shop. We are setting up a Holiday Open House for the 16th and 17th of this month. Regular shop hours but we will have several people selling their jewelry items. Not everyone likes to bead, hard to believe, so there will things for the non-beader and those that want to just shop. Don't miss coming in to see what is available and to pick up last minute items. Remember we all so have gift certificates available.Happy Beading.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November at Highstrung Beads

The month of November is gearing up to be a busy one. Ellen had a group in this past week and taught them a spiral bracelet she calls Twisted Sister. They had a great time choosing their beads and starting the project. It used pearls, seed beads and crystal or firepolish.

I had a vendor by and got lots of pretty pearls, the wall was looking bare. I also picked up some other items that will be great for the holidays.

Our last trunk show went pretty well; and yesterday I sent what was left back . Now we have a big seed bead show set up. If you are looking for 15/0, bugles, cubes, and other shapes come in and look through these. There are also the Italian Bella Beads. These beads are not dyed and should not fade as the colors are in the glass.

We also got some new items from another vendor. There are some sparkly balls in several colors and some pretty Pandora style beads too. I need to get that box inventoried and out tomorrow. I am looking forward to seeing what she sent us.

Happy Beading!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Seed Bead TrunksShow

The new Seed Bead Trunks show is now in. The trunk show in September went so well and many requested a repeat performance, so it is now available. There are a number of new kits as well as lots of colors, sizes, and shapes to choose from. It will be here only a short time so come in soon.

This is also the last weekend for the gemstone and pearls Trunk Show, so if you are looking for these, this is the time.

We had a great class last night. The group made a Twisted Sister bracelet. I'll try to post pics later.

Bead on!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Highstrung Beads Shoppe

I can't believe how time is flying by. Halloween is over;Thanksgiving will soon arrive, then Christmas! It's so hard thinking about Christmas gifts and the holidays seems as though summer has just ended. I've been working on several different projects from recent issues of B&B and Beadwork. There have been some nice things in the last few issues.

The trunk show is still available through this Saturday, November 5th, after that it will be returned to California. This has been a good show with many new beads and lots of color. If you have a chance stop in this week.

Upcoming show for the seed bead folk! There was such a response to the last one we are trying it again next week. I am looking for the boxes and will post when they are in and ready. If you are looking for seed beads in lots of shapes, sizes and colors get in fast, this is a popular show.

Happy Beading everyone!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

View a slide show of the beads for sale!

The link below will take you to a slideshow of the current Trunk Show.!/?cid=14a85d0edd078133&sc=photos&nl=1&uc=32&id=14A85D0EDD078133%21103

Trunk Show Going Strong

Hope everyone has been enjoying this beautiful weather! This time of year is one of my favorites. I can keep the shop door open to get some of that fresh air as I bead and work in the shop. Folks have been coming in to shop the Trunk Show for gifts and planning new projects. I spoke to the vendor today and got a weeks extension on the show; so it will be here through the 5th of November.

Also a reminder that the shop will be closed this Saturday. I will be back in on Tuesday morning. Cyn is supposed to be back on Halloween.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Trunk Show

The first few days of this trunk show have been great. Granted, some of the pieces are priced higher but there are plenty of items in the low and median prices. The pearls are in all colors but they are going fast. Southern ladies love their pearls.

Lots of new folks have been stopping in. Beading is still going strong here! I can't wait to have some time to get a new project started. I want to do some metal work with copper and plan a stamping class soon. Anyone interested?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Will be closed the 29 of October

I hate to have to close on a Saturday but something has come up. The shop will only be closed the one day but I hate it is Saturday!. The Trunk show is up and ready for shoppers today and will be here for two weeks. I already see things I want. This show makes mixing and matching easier as it is set up in color groups. Come on in soon!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


They finally arrived! This is a new vendor and they sent lots of beads and pearls. The beads are arranged in color groups to help mix and match for your projects. There is a lot of variety in the pendant selection too! I just couldn't believe all the colors and choices. Come on in and check out the show! It will only be here for two weeks!!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011


The seed bead trunk show went really well. So well in fact that we hope to do another one before the holidays! The ladies at the table have been creating beautiful pieces of jewelry with their beads, and I have a few planned for mine.

I also went shopping for new beads today and will have a new selection of beads in the shop this week. It was so much fun to go shopping for new items again; can't wait to do it again soon.

The shop is open many Mondays now as well as Thursday evenings. Just call to check on classes or activities planned. Let's get beading!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Seed Beads Selling Fast

Wow, folks have been snatching up the seed beads this past week! Everyone loves the selections we got and hope we will get this show again. There is still a week to go so try to get in if you are a bead weaver or use seed beads in any way. I have even selected a few for my projects.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Seed Bead Trunks Show

I decided to try something different and scheduled a Seed Bead Trunk Show. It has been a long wait but the seed beads finally have arrived and are ready for sale. We unpacked them and were excited to see new colors, shapes and sizes. There is even a selection of Italian seed beads and some glass bicone beads and firepolish rounds too.

There are so many of us that love working with these little beads so I know you will enjoy seeing these. They included square, bugle, triangle and some other shapes too. It is going to be hard to decide which ones to take home. Check your project lists and come on in soon

Happy Beading!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Email Hijacked

I know many customers and friends have received a strange email in the last couple of days supposedly from me. No I am NOT in Scotland. My Yahoo account was Hijacked! I have already worked with them to reclaim it and my information. They also wiped out all the emails I still had in my inbox. Why people think they need to do this sort of thing is beyond me.

I will be sending out an email next week with information about the new Seed Bead Trunk Show that should start next Wednesday or Thursday. I am expecting the shipment the first of the week and hope to have it set up and ready as soon as possible. I can't wait to see what she is sending us. Gina called and said to expect some crystal and Czech bicones as well.

Have a great Labor Day weekend and stay safe!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

TRUNK SHOWS are great!

Highstrung Beads is going to extend the Trunk Show till next weekend. It has been going great! There were/are many new beads in this one including metal, ceramic, large holed fresh water pearls and glass pearls. I called the vendor today and got the extension for a third week.

We are also scheduled for a Trunk Show in September, but this time it will be seed beads! There are so many seed bead enthusiasts around here so I thought wed try one. There will be both Japanese seed beads and Italian one. Gina said the Italian ones are not dyed and have some unusual colors. Plan to check this one out if seed beads are your addiction!

Happy Beading,

Monday, July 25, 2011


Just arrived, a new selection of stone, ceramic, metal, glass and much more. The sale will only be here a couple of weeks so shop now. For you hemp weavers there is a good selection of large holed beads perfect for this. There is a small selection of hematite in this show as well.

Things have been busy at the shop lately. I have a lady that is teaching beginning classes on Monday and Thursday. The classes vary to include a number of the seed bead weaving techniques. We have plans for other classes in the coming months. Come in and check out the new beads and find out more about classes.

See you soon!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

No! It Can't Be July!

June flew by! July is fast fading too. Busy summer for all of us I guess. This month is again filled with activities and trips for many of us. There have been a number of travelers and visitors through our city this past month; and they have been stopping in at the shop to see what we have to offer. I've taught several new beaders how to make jewelry in various ways, what fun all of us. It is amazing to hear how excited and please a new beader is with the first project. Many cannot believe they really did it so easily.

I took a course through the local Art Museum recently, taught by local artist, Joanne Staley. It was really fun; and I learned lots of new things to do with metal. I am hoping to do a simple stamping class at the shop as the trend seems to be toward that.
There is also a trunk show in the near future. More on it later!

Come in soon.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Highstrung Beads Shoppe

It is so hard to believe it is JUNE! I just spent several days in Kentucky visiting with my sister and attending my niece's graduation. May and June seem to be full of graduations and vacations for so many people. I hope those of you traveling have safe travels.

I've been going through the new magazines and books the past two weeks. There are so many bright and summery pieces and I am trying several myself. The creative ideas are spinning about in my mind and I am anxious to bring them to reality.

Hope to see many of you this summer during school break. Remember the shop is not open late on Thursdays now, though I am planning on having a Ladies Night Out next month, watch for the date.

Come in soon and check out the new items, sit and bead or share your newest project with us.

See you soon,

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New for June

Hello all beaders!
Hope you are ready to enjoy a hot summer because it is here. Things have been pretty slow on Thursday nights so I am going to start closing at 5:30pm. I am thinking about a Ladies Night Out for one Thursday a month. Let me know if you are interested by sending me an email or making a comment on the blog. I've made several new purchases recently and now all is out on the walls, tables and in the cases. New pendants, pearls, stone and seed beads are in.

The shop will be closed Saturday, June 4th. I am attending my niece's graduation in Kentucky.

Hoping to see many of you this summer.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beads Galore

Another month is flying along! I've been stocking new seed beads, new shell beads and some new gemstone and pearls are on the walls. I just finished looking through the newest SuperBeadwork magazine. Lots of interesting new projects caught my attention and I am trying one now.

Come in and play.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

New at Highstrung Beads

Hi Everyone, Hope you are enjoying Spring.

It has been busy at the shop this past few days. We received new items for the Trunk Show, lots of shell in bright and shiny colors for summer. Beach jewelry is always fun this time of years so check them out soon.

Also in are seed beads. Yes, I finally sent in a huge order and it arrived. I decided to try some of the Duracoats to see how folks like them. They are metallic with a permanent finish so you won't have to worry about it rubbing off. There are new beads in the permanent finish in other colors too. I am gradually replacing dyed one with the permanent ones as they become available. Wish this had happened sooner, technology take time though.

The newest Bead&Button issue has arrived as well as SuperBeadwork. I've already been trying some of the patterns. Mother's Day is coming so think of those gifts for MOM.

Look through the shop for new items and ask if there is something you would like me to order in tools or book.

See you all soon!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Highstrung Beads Shoppe

April has started slowly and the weather has been beautiful! Several new magazines and books are now available in the shop. I've already been trying some of the patterns. There are still a lot of crystal rondells in stock as well as a good selection of Czech firepolished beads. Come in soon and get your Easter jewelry designed.

The shop will be closed this Saturday as I have to be out of town. I will be back to work on Tuesday.

Happy Beading!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Highstrung Beads - time

We will be closed the morning of April 7th. Hope Boothe, who helped in my shop and loved beading, passed away last night. I will be attending her funeral. We will open later in the day.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The beads for this trunk show are flying out the door! People are loving the bright Murano style glass and the bright glass beads. There is still a good selection of the Large Hole beads in a variety of stones. Those out there that are looking for hemp beads this is the best time to come in! Lot's of pendants choices at 4,6, and 8 dollars as well as many closeout beads(16 inch strands)at $6.00.

There is also a new selection of Pandora style beads available now. They are in lampwork styles and facetted ones. Several folks got a few last we had them, come check these out!

Don't know when I will get another show like this one. Also ask about shop items on sale!

Happy Beading

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Trunk Shows Now !

Hello all you bead lovers! Highstrung Beads is having a BIG Trunk Show now through the 25th of March. Many of my customers have already been shopping all the selections. The bead prices start at $2.00 for round glass beads in bright summer colors and go up to $26.00 for gemstone strands. There are many items priced at $4.00 including Murano style glass and metal findings. Don't miss the LARGE Hole beads for Hemp jewelry, stone pendants and donuts, closeouts and so much more.

I've also gotten in the new Super Beadwork Magazine, Wirework magazine, and several bead and wire books. Come in soon and check out the store.

Happy Beading!

Monday, February 14, 2011

February at Highstrung Beads

Just in this past week is a small trunk show of various items. Mostly stone and crystal, though there are a few pendants. There is also a selection of "Pandora" style beads available.

The newest bead magazines are in as well as the new Wirework. I have gotten in a couple of new bead books and wire books too. If there is one you are interested in and I don't have it we can check and see if I can order it for you.

Bead Happy,

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Long Weekend Planned for First weekend in Feb.




I cannot believe January is almost gone! What happened?! I've been busy working on some new beaded items all month. It has been stop and go most of the time though. The newest issues of Bead & Button and Beadwork came in and are going fast. Lots of great project ideas inside both.

Several folks have been in to learn how to bead recently. It is fun sharing ideas and watching a new piece of jewelry be designed. I really enjoy a new designers excitement and amazement when they make the first pieces. Now I am looking for a new trunk show. Will post when I get it.

Happy Beading

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Well, 2010 is gone and we are starting a clean, new year. I wonder what exciting things will come about this year.

I am planning work on an entry to the Fair. I've met several of the beaders here who have won best in show and other awards for their designs, so I'm going to try my hand. Anyone else out there interested?

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