Monday, July 25, 2011


Just arrived, a new selection of stone, ceramic, metal, glass and much more. The sale will only be here a couple of weeks so shop now. For you hemp weavers there is a good selection of large holed beads perfect for this. There is a small selection of hematite in this show as well.

Things have been busy at the shop lately. I have a lady that is teaching beginning classes on Monday and Thursday. The classes vary to include a number of the seed bead weaving techniques. We have plans for other classes in the coming months. Come in and check out the new beads and find out more about classes.

See you soon!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

No! It Can't Be July!

June flew by! July is fast fading too. Busy summer for all of us I guess. This month is again filled with activities and trips for many of us. There have been a number of travelers and visitors through our city this past month; and they have been stopping in at the shop to see what we have to offer. I've taught several new beaders how to make jewelry in various ways, what fun all of us. It is amazing to hear how excited and please a new beader is with the first project. Many cannot believe they really did it so easily.

I took a course through the local Art Museum recently, taught by local artist, Joanne Staley. It was really fun; and I learned lots of new things to do with metal. I am hoping to do a simple stamping class at the shop as the trend seems to be toward that.
There is also a trunk show in the near future. More on it later!

Come in soon.

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