Monday, January 21, 2013


I cannot believe it is already January 21st! 2013 is moving right along and we are speeding along too. It's been a busy few first weeks for my family. There are several things coming up this month and next that will require the shop being closed on Saturday.

The following dates Highstrung Beads will be closed:

Saturday, January 26th 

Friday February 1st and Saturday February 2nd.

I will be out of town those days.

If anyone is wanting to get started on Valentine jewelry or gifts, come on in soon. 

Happy Beading.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013


This Saturday, January 12th, will I will be having a 25% off sale at the shop. Folks have asked for a sale and here it is. The only things not included are the items in the small trunk show. 

Look forward to seeing everyone!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year

Well, 2013 has arrived! I'm sure there will be lots of things happening this year, some we expect and some that come as a total surprise. I look forward to seeing what this new year will bring, hopefully wonderful happy things. I look forward to doing more with my jewelry ideas; learning more metalsmithing techniques at William Holland Lapidary School this summer; and having fun with my husband.

The trunk show was a great way to end the year. We had a lot of great sales and enjoyed having so many colors and sizes of crystal and glass pearls to choose from. Thanks to all of you shoppers that made it in.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Just got an extension on the Trunk Show. The show will run through the end of the year!!! If you haven't had a chance to stop by you still have time. There is lots of selection left if you haven't finished your projects or want last minute gift items. Check your emails for hours over the holidays, also they are posted on Facebook under Highstrung Beads Shoppe's page, or call the shop. We are looking forward to a beautiful Christmas, hope everyone out there is too.

just a few of the choices~


Monday, December 3, 2012

Ready for Christmas? Neither am I.

I'd been busy at the shop with all the new beads and getting it set up, then they sent more! Now there is over 40 colors of 4mm, 6mm,and 8mm Rondelles and 4mm rounds and lots of colors in the other sizes. I want to get somethings made with the beautiful cubes and the tiny rondells. 

I just can't seem sit down and get any beadwork done. Cynthia and the girls have been working on some beautiful items and planning classes for the rest of December. Be sure to check out those, may get a gift out of the way in one of the classes.

My metal work is waiting on me too. I have some pieces to get started before I loose my ideas. Why, Why, Why do the holidays come so fast?

Maybe tomorrow I'll get a chance to bead, will see.


Saturday, November 24, 2012

More beads in today

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I'm sure most of us put on a pound or two eating all the great food we seem to have this time of year. Most of it is not on the "regular" diet, but oh so good. Now things speed up to Christmas and New Year's. How time flies. So let's bead!

More beads arrived today. We got in over 20 colors of 3mm crystal cubes, and 12 new colors of 4mm bicone and cubes.  I didn't get pictures of the new beads but there are plenty of them to go around. There must be over 40 colors of most rondelle and bicone sizes. There are some new stone beads in and LOTS of metal to choose from. Prices start at $2.00 for some of the strands and all the metal packages. $2.50 a strand for round glass pearls all sizes as well as some of the crystal strands. 

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