Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Charlottes in Now.

The new Charlottes and other cut Czech seed beads out for sale. I've worked on theses several times trying to get them marked, and finally they are ready! There are some beautiful colors in the mix. The sizes available are: 13/0 charlottes; 8/0 single cut (like a charlotte) Size 12/0 3 cuts, and peanut beads. I have just a couple of 15/0's in shades of green, the selection was slim this time. I wish I could get some time to work on my projects and figure out which ones I might want before they are gone. 

I have a class coming up soon for a Christmas ornament cover. This is my own pattern and can be changed around to make different styles. Come by and sign up this week. 

Watch for New Class updates coming soon. Get ready for holiday giving by making a few gifts.

Happy Beading!

Friday, October 12, 2012


Right now the Fair is in town and one of our "BeadFairies" has won several ribbons for her jewelry. Therese Frank enter some of her bead work and took a blue ribbon for one and second on another as well as some other ribbons. 
 The ladies that get together have also been working on projects and teaching each other new stitches and how to use other mediums for their jewelry. 

Last night Ms. Delores taught a wire sculptured necklace to four students. This was her first class and everyone had a great time. Each person had been collection items to possibly use in their necklace/bracelet including charms, personal memorabilia, and beads. The table was covered in their selections and they proceeded to share some items with each other. Not everyone finished but the project had all of us capturing our fantasy creation in wire. 

There are several classes on the bulletin board for next month, so come in and see what interests you. They are filling up. Also give us an idea of things you would like to learn.

Happy Beading!                                 

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