Monday, December 3, 2012

Ready for Christmas? Neither am I.

I'd been busy at the shop with all the new beads and getting it set up, then they sent more! Now there is over 40 colors of 4mm, 6mm,and 8mm Rondelles and 4mm rounds and lots of colors in the other sizes. I want to get somethings made with the beautiful cubes and the tiny rondells. 

I just can't seem sit down and get any beadwork done. Cynthia and the girls have been working on some beautiful items and planning classes for the rest of December. Be sure to check out those, may get a gift out of the way in one of the classes.

My metal work is waiting on me too. I have some pieces to get started before I loose my ideas. Why, Why, Why do the holidays come so fast?

Maybe tomorrow I'll get a chance to bead, will see.


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